Located 152 km northwest of Launceston on the Bass Highway, Burnie is characterised by delightful wooden houses which cling to the hills and overlook the bay.

Visit some of the great natural attractions such as:

  • Guide Falls
  • Emu Valley
  • Emu Bay
  • Pioneer Village Museum
  • Burnie Art Gallery
  • Little Penguin Observation Centre

Guide Falls

The falls are located around 19km south of Burnie, with two picnic areas and walking tracks, its a great spot for the whole family to enjoy!

Credit: Think Tasmania

Fern Glade

Fern Glade is close to central Burnie . Its a lovely place to unwind and reflect on life. Fern Glade Reserve is one of Burnie’s most valuable natural and recreational resources is a peaceful river valley on the edge of the city.

Our photos: