Devonport is a city in northern Tasmania, Australia. It is situated at the mouth of the Mersey River. Devonport is a welcoming, seaside city and popular as a base for travelers to explore the surrounding regions. It is therefore commonly known as ‘the gateway to Tasmania’.

There are great beaches, rowing, sailing, kayaking and fishing. The most scenic location would have to be Merseys Bluff headland, which gives fantastic views of the town, river and beyond. Tiagarra, which means ‘keeping place’ is located here and has over eighteen displays of Aboriginal rock carvings.

 If you love historical buildings then drop in to Home Hill, home of Tasmania’s only Prime Minister, the late Joseph Lyons and his wife, Dame Enid Lyons.

Tasmanian Arboretum 

A botanic garden of trees just 10 kilometres south of Devonport in Tasmania and only and hour’s drive from Launceston.

Fernglade Reserve is one of Burnie’s most valuable natural resources located in a peaceful river valley haven on the edge of the city. 

Photo: Michelle Kneipp Pegler

Devonport also has plenty of places to stay, making it a great base to explore the many treasures of the region.