Visiting Tasmanian devil sanctuary

Discover the world’s largest meat eating marsupials at Cradle Tasmanian devil Sanctuary. It is great opportunity to meet face to face with Tasmania’s famous endangered animal and take some photos. A visit to the sanctuary day or night will allow you to observe these extraordinary animals up close whilst one of our keepers will give you an understanding of their life cycle and the threats that confront them.

Canyoneering Experience in Dove Canyon

Add even more excitement and adventure to your Cradle Mountain experience by joining this unique canyoning experience in the Lost World Canyon. Canyoning involves putting on a wetsuit and swimming, floating , abseiling, walking and jumping your way through a section of river.

Cradle Mountain National Park Day Tour

Cradle Coast Tours Trip To Cradle Mountain

A Cradle Mountain day tour will take show you the glassy waters of Dove Lake, rugged mountain peaks, and a myriad of natural wonders. The area features a large number of walking tracks, lodges for overnight stays, and a visitors’ centre to learn more about the surroundings and its history.