Just like any other travel adventures that you want to pursue, going to Tasmania also requires proper travel kit so as to boost your enjoyment all throughout your trip. Tasmania a quite unique place. Therefore, packing the right things is just necessary. Here is the list of things that you need to pack when you go to Tasmania.

Sun Screen

Though Tasmania is considered cooler than other states on the mainland, the UV index in this place is totally high and extreme as it is close to Antarctica. Sunscreen is the answer to your problem. Buying an SPF 30+ sun screen will be of great help. You don’t want to end up getting sunburn after your trip to this beautiful place.

Warm Coat

The weather in Tasmania has the ability to change very quickly. In late December and early January, it’s known that snow falls in Mt. Wellington. Additionally, because it is near the Southern Ocean, Tasmania usually faces the force of the storm and exposing yourself to these things will be dangerous. It is recommended to pack a soft shell jacket that will keep you warm from the cold weather and keep you comfortable at all cost.

Smart Phone

If you are curious about whether you can bring your smartphone to Tasmania, the answer is a big ‘YES’. It has phone coverage and bringing your smartphone with you will be totally fine. If you are heading to the regional areas, the best carrier is Telstra. Virgin, Optus, and Vodaphone work okay if you are in the city areas but the coverage becomes difficult in other places. If you are worried of your phone coverage in the most remote places, you can choose to bring Telstra Blue Tick phones as it is highly recommended and proven to have the best reception even in remote places. If you are planning to go to the middle of nowhere then a satellite phone is necessary.


Google Maps both could be useless and other people who previously travelled to this place will agree to it. Go for a comprehensive paper map that you can buy at Hobart airport and other places.

Good Shoes

Tasmania is hilly. Therefore, you will have to conquer steep roads and bringing a good pair of shoes will make you feel comfortable throughout the day. Shoes that are water proof is also recommended in case it pours and explorer socks if it gets cold.

Day Pack

If you are going for a lot of walking, having a day pack will be of great help. This day pack will keep in one place all the things (except shoes) that are mentioned above.

Good Camera

Lastly, a good camera that is mirrorless, water and dust resistant is highly recommended. Remember that a good camera will help you capture images that can stand the test of time.
Tasmania is a beautiful place to discover. As long as you are well-prepared of the necessary things before your trip, you will surely have a great time in this beautiful place!