Feedback from our tour.

We are so lucky to finally get the chance to see and experience the beauty of Cradle Mountain!

The terrain going to Cradle Mountain is quite unique, something that we didn’t imagine would look like. It was even snowing when we arrived and we enjoyed the vibe so much. We wanted to check other areas but the snow made it impossible for us. 

The next day, the weather is nice and we got into the car to visit Dove Lake. It is located at the foot of Cradle Mountain circled by a track stretching to six kilometers. Dove Lake is considered Tasmania’s best walks particularly due to the majestic view of Cradle Mountain. Other than the views of Cradle Mountain, you can also see those beautiful beaches at the side of the lake, Tasmania’s horizontal scrub, and the Ancient Ballroom Forest.

Our trip to the Cradle Mountain wouldn’t be complete without tasting some local foods on the area. We visited the 41 Degrees South Salmon Farm which is a unique tourist attraction in Cradle Coast. From there, the free tasting was offered and we ate at a small café where a light lunch was offered.

We also visited House of Anvers known to contain real chocolate taste sensation and the cheeses at Ashgrove Cheese that offers not just cheese but milk, cream, butter, and ice cream as well. We also got to see behind the scenes through the viewing window as to how they make cheese using traditional mixed with modern methods.

Finally, the best place to grab a bear – 7 Sheds Brewery. Beer writer Willie Simpson brews a wide selection of ales and hops that are grown just next to the brew house. His beers are truly famous in the area and among tourists. 

There are a lot of wonderful sites in Cradle Mountain especially the ones overlooking the beach. We really enjoyed our tour and hopes to check other places at Tasmania.