The Port Arthur Historic Site is one of Australia’s most important heritage sites and tourist destinations. Located on the scenic Tasman Peninsula in the south east of Tasmania, it offers a unique and essential experience for all visitors to the area.

The Port Arthur Historic Site is approximately 100km south east of Hobart, with multiple transport options available.

Port Arthur highlights:

Port Arthur one of the most visited sites in Tasmania. It also has museums within the old city, nice beaches in the area, beautiful parks and walks, and you can take a cruise to the Isle of the Dead.

Port Arthur prison is currently ranked 2nd, behind Mona for most popular attraction in the South.

Be brought back to the days to have a peek at the lives of convicts within this historic prison site. Since its establishment in 1830’s Port Arthur became home to 12,500 convicts until its closure in 1877. It has become one of the most important historical sites, although it was known that life of prisoners, and the hard labor imposed upon them within the site was considered “hell on earth”.