Strahan lies at the northern edge of the wild, savage and unspoiled beauty of Macquarie Harbour. It is the last town on Tasmania’s west coast and one of the loneliest and most isolated places on the planet. The British brought their most hardened criminals to Sarah Island in Macquarie Harbour and the result was a penal colony of unimaginable hardship. Named after Governor Lachlan Macquarie this 50 km long harbour opens to the Great Southern Ocean through the narrow, eddying, dangerous waters the convict’s named Hell’s Gates. The region is cold and wet and unforgettable. source here.

What to see  in Strahan

Gordon River

Gordon River  is a major perennial river located in the central highlands, south-west, and western regions of Tasmania.  The lower part of the Gordon River is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and contains a cold-climate rainforest and rare trees.

Gordon River cruise is one of the best activities that the whole family can enjoy. Kids will learn about Australian history.  Cruises are usually a duration of one hour.

West Coast Wilderness Railway

The West Coast Wilderness Railway is a 35 Kilometer Rack and Pinion Railway running from Queenstown to Strahan. This 35 kilometre guided tour takes you along a railway that is over 100 years old, through rainforests that are over 2000 years old and over a mountain range that is, well, as old as the hills! Its a journey past some amazing sights and a journey into the history of the area too.

Step back in history and climb aboard a majestic steam train at Queenstown Station. Journey deep into the heritage of the wild West Coast, where tales of resilience and triumph showcase the iconic local spirit. Discover how the Feud of the Irishmen helped shape the rugged and isolated region. The West Coast Wilderness Railway is a must do experience.

Sarah Island Ruins Strahan


Hogarth Falls



This track is located in the Peoples Park in the Strahan township. You can drive to the park via The Esplanade or walk there via the Foreshore Walking Track.

Wonderful rocks at Macquarie harbour entrance.

Shacks at Hells gates