I love Tasmania…

Sure there are all the tourist spots that everyone knows about: Cradle Mountain, Mount Wellington, Port Arthur, MONA…  The list goes on, and these are amazing icons for our beautiful state, BUT…

The real joy I find in Tasmania is the hidden gems, and that is why I do what I do…  People of all ages need to find these amazing pieces of Tassie.  I can’t drive 20km without finding something that just inspires me to keep loving what I do, it’s that simple.

This past week is no exception, I’ve had a lovely little tour up to Cragmor Farm Olive Grove who also farm the rarest of rare delicacies, truffles.  It was a great excuse to get the Jaguar out for our tourists and really discover Tasmania in style…  You haven’t lived until you’ve explored Tasmania’s hidden gems in a luxury vehicle.

The Cradle Coast Tour Bus…

Another important part of this industry is accreditation and safety.  I’m proud to say the Cradle Coast Tours mobile has again passed its inspection and is ready to take you and your family on an adventure into the parts of Tasmania that only us locals know about…  Book your tour today and discover Tasmania.

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Cradle Coast Tours Tasmania Vehicle Inspection
Cragmor Olive and Truffle Farm Tasmania
Jaguar Luxury Tours Tasmania with Cradle Coast Tours
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