The lovely seaside town of Ulverstone on the mouth of the River Leven has plenty to offer. Here are just some of the things to do in and around the largest town in Tasmania.

Ulverstone Local History Museum

Children will love this museum’s artefact-rich displays of 19th-century shops and businesses, including a photographer’s studio, general store, newspaper office, dairy and blacksmith’s forge. There’s also a trainmaster’s hut and old beach shack in the car park.

Preston Falls

Preston Falls is a tall and slender 25-metre (82 ft) plunge waterfall located above the Gunns Plains. The waterfall is a short drive from Ulverstone that is approximately 20 kilometres (12 mi) west of Devonport or 28 kilometres (17 mi) east of Burnie on the Bass Highway.

Beautiful Preston Falls (also known as Delaney’s Falls) which are around 15 minutes out of Ulverstone on Tasmania’s North West Coast.

Leven Canyon

Located 42 km from Ulverstone, Leven Canyon has become a popular tourist destination offering interesting and pleasant bushwalks, good picnic and barbeque facilities and views down the 250 metre Leven Canyon. It takes ten hours to walk through the gorge.

Gunns Plains Caves

 A network of caves, sinkholes and underground streams, Gunns Plains Cave is about 30 km south of Ulverstone in the Gunns Plains State Reserve. Apparently discovered in 1906 by Bill Woodhouse when his dog fell into a hole that was part of the cave, you can join us for a tour of Leven Canyon and Gunns Plains, including these stunning formations.