Though famously known for its wilderness adventures because of the Cradle Mountain, Cradle Coast is also home to the most beautiful beaches in Tasmania. Every beach varies with their kind of offering to their visitors to the proximity and coastal hubs. However, what makes them one-of-a-kind is its serene piece of beach paradise, untouched by the crowd.

  • Bakers Beach, Narawntapu National Park

Bakers Beach is a remote paradise that is just 35 minutes from Devonport. There are a lot of things that you can do in the long stretch of majestic beach. You can do horseback riding, a walk to the Archer’s Knob or simply sitting up against the beach and soaking up the sunshine is nothing but the best.

  • Hawley Beach

Just a short drive from the Narawntapu and you will reach the Hawley Beach. It is the best location for families or even singles who wants to enjoy the beach. Since it is located near Port Sorrell, you won’t fall short of shops and restaurants to compliment your buds.

  • Turner’s Beach

10 minutes-drive at the west of Devonport and you will reach the Turners Beach. It is filled with retirees, young families and also professionals. Most of its occupants enjoy the sandy beach on their backs. Throughout the year, you can enjoy activities such as longboard surfing, kitesurfing, and stand-up paddle boarding.

  • Preservation Bay


Between Penguin and Burnie, you will find the very peaceful Preservation Bay. A drive along the coastal road is already fulfilling but the inviting waters will surely seal the deal.

This beach in Arthur River is not just boasting with the otherworldly landscape but it also tells geological stories from the past. You can check the information which is being posted at the Edge of the World as they provide unique facts regarding the history and heritage of West Coast.