Tasmania is Australia’s only island state and is located to the south of the main continent. A plane of wild and beautiful landscapes, friendly, welcoming people, a pleasant temperate climate, wonderful wines and food, a rich history and a relaxed island lifestyle.

credit: www.flickr.com/photos/johnwhite/

To start with your Tasmania tour, visit Hobart which is one of the most beautiful cities in the state. The main attractions in the city are the open air markets where you can buy beautiful handmade wooden, ceramic sculptures and art pieces.


The Cascade Brewery- one of the finest breweries and oldest continually operating brewery located in Hobart. The tours last for one and a half hours and these are conducted by brewery guides a few times every single day. When you join one of these tours, you would have the opportunity to observe some of the country’s well-loved premium beers being brewed and you could also stroll through the renowned Woodstock gardens.

Mount Wellington is a beautiful mountain with a height of about 1270km. It overlooks the Hobart city. It is a popular place for hiking enthusiasts. Near the top is an enclosed look out which provides spectacular views of the city below.

 Here are a few photographs of our adventures!